About Me:

I am a creative.  I have a love for theatricality, art that captures a well-crafted truth, and colorful images that evoke the contrast and dynamics of a black and white photography in vibrant color. With a background in professional world class production, I thrive at capturing moments that astound an audience in the highest caliber of production environments. I am a photographer, designer, and production technician specializing in all aspects of theatrical lighting, production photography, and portraiture.  



Photographic Projects



I have had the distinct privilege of photographing excellent touring Broadway productions with cast and creative teams that are some of the biggest talents in the industry...


I have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented people over the last decade, and was able to spend time capturing images of many of them fully immersed in characters both for promotional purposes and for the individual performer's posterity.

Studio and Location Portraiture

With a background in professional, world-class production, I thrive in managing and producing a large shoot with the highest of production standards to create images that astound.

Dance Photography

I consider myself fortunate to have this theatrical education to draw photographic inspiration from. Lighting performers on a stage has influenced how my photography looks and feels, and continues to be a driving force in creation.


Having the ability to completely understand the lighting at an event makes images captured in a concert environment that much more compelling.


I find it most rewarding to collaborate with other artists on an image. I have been extremely fortunate to work with such incredible musicians who have relied on me to capture their image on many occasions, and look forward to continued collaboration with artists on how best to showcase their artistry in an entirely new light.