Michaeline and Gary - Sioux City Journal


Michaeline and Gary - On the Road

I had spoken with Gary and Michaeline a few times throughout the year about photos with them and their new truck, and when Michaeline called to tell me that her hometown newspaper wanted to do an article on them and their "Broadway Life" I got really excited that I could not only create some cool photographs to my Project365 but also have an opportunity to get my images published. VERY cool. Thankfully, San Jose proved to be the perfect places to photograph them. Their cab was parked in an empty parking lot, out of sight from the public, and in the middle of a perfectly shaded outdoor "studio". I had no idea what the newspaper needed from me in terms of imagery, I just wanted to create some interesting, different portraits that not only showed Gary and Michaeline in a "good light" but also included their truck and their dog, Lou. What I ended up with was a tease image on the front page of the paper, a leading image on the front of the "Living" section, and two others in the article itself. Not bad for 45 minutes of an afternoon running around San Jose! The full tear sheet of all four pages of the Sioux City Journal on Sunday October 28, 2012 has been compiled below. I think this wins the award for the largest exposure of an image from my Project365!

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